The 2020 Campus Sustainability Survey revealed that 95% of students attempt to make environmentally sustainable choices in their daily lives. That is why CU Boulder has partnered with the AWorld app from ActNow, the United Nations’ campaign for individual action on climate change and sustainability. The AWorld app simplifies the process of adopting sustainable habits by providing personalized carbon footprint analyses, educational journeys with habit suggestions, and demonstrating the impact of your changes. The app empowers users to integrate sustainability into their daily routine and monitor their progress.

This app was created in support of the   UN’s ActNow campaign   The end goal: a net zero future. These journeys will focus on topics like diversity, economy, wellness, and eating habits. The app suggests things as easy as turning down your heat and eating plant-based, to changing the way you travel across the country. There are so many different ways that you can be more eco-friendly that you might not have realized! 

As climate change becomes more and more concerning, it’s time to do your part. Becoming part of the solution is the best way to spend 2023, and you can do so with a totally free app, right from your smartphone.

Fall 2023 Challenge: Sustainable Buffs Cut Carbon

From October 1st to December 1st, we want you to track energy actions that reduce your carbon using the AWorld app! You can choose to take the stairs, unplug your electronics, wash your laundry with cold water, and much more! Each action adds up to a number of CO2 saved and KWh saved.

The top 20 performers will earn a choice of beanie hat or pop socket. The top 10 performers will also receive a gift card to Meow Wolf in Denver.  The top 3 performers get a choice of a CU-branded beanie, CU-branded fuzzy socks, or laundry drying rack. 

If we reach our community goal of 2,000 energy actions logged, we will donate $5 per action, a total of $10,000, to verified community projects that reduce CU's carbon footprint. Participants will be invited to vote on the project to be funded.

Download the app and join the CU team today!


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