Move Out is Near

Student packing and moving out

Since 2019, over 60 tons of clothing, books, electronics, household goods, non-perishable food, and personal care products have been donated through the Give & Go Donation Drive that occurs during student move-out. 

Many of the items donated are redistributed to local non-profit organizations that provide goods to community members at little or no cost. 

This year the Buff Pantry & the Basic Needs Center on campus will be the first organizations to receive non-perishable food and personal care items. Once they have reached capacity for what they can accept, the Emergency Family Assistance Association, a local Boulder organization that provides food, financial assistance, and family housing, will pick up the remaining items. 

In 2022, E-Center staff and volunteers spent 500 hours organizing and bagging donations. This year they need your help to increase donations and reduce the number of donatable items that are ending up in the landfill. 

If you or anyone you may know is interested in purchasing any items from Move Out, Resource Central will be hosting a CU Yard sale after move-out is complete. At this sale you can shop items from Move Out such as lamps, decorations, storage bins, and fans.