Two students volunteering at move-out

A total of 21.26 tons of materials collected for reuse, recycling, or consumption. The CU Boulder Environmental Center has collaborated with Residence Life and FM Recycling & Solid Waste for over a decade to decrease the amount of usable items being sent to the landfill during move-out. These materials include household items, textiles, clothing, food, personal care products, office supplies, and books. While we have previously partnered with vendors serving the Denver/Boulder Metro communities, many materials have ended up beyond the county, potentially out of state or even abroad. This year, our focus shifted towards donating to more internal giveback programs that directly benefit CU students and staff. We estimate that 16% of the collected materials, by weight, were returned to our Buffs, and at least 38% remained within the local metro area. This approach promotes a more localized circular impact.

By placing emphasis on keeping these donated items within CU, we managed to provide food to the Buff Pantry, distribute textbooks to ASAP tutoring, offer some clothing to Boulder Panhellenic for a scholarship fundraiser, and donate most household goods to Resource Central (RC), a local non-profit organization.

Earlier this summer, Resource Central hosted the first of two yard sales featuring items donated during move-out. During this event, the CU and Boulder community had the opportunity to purchase usable items at discounted prices. Later this month, RC will be holding a second sale on campus, primarily targeting incoming and returning students who are looking to furnish their rooms with gently used items from previous campus residents. Stay tuned for event updates!