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Going to large music festivals, clubs, raves, and parties bumping with electronic music is one of people’s favorite pastimes. After not being able to participate in these large gatherings due to Covid-19, people are eager to return. PLUR is a common word in rave culture, standing for Peace, Love, Unity, and Respect. Valuing and respecting the earth that you have the privilege of partying on is the best way to spread love. Mantras are a commonplace in rave culture. Practice the mantra: “No Planet, No Party”.

What is an Eco-Rave?

An Eco-Rave is a rave or festival that has sustainable practices in mind. Researching if the company pledges their money towards making their festival or rave carbon neutral. 

Beware of greenwashing. Greenwashing is when a company provides a false narrative that they are sustainable or environmentally conscious in order to give more consumers peace of mind. For more information, here is an article about greenwashing.

What are the steps I can take?

1. Thrift Your Clothing!

Finding the perfect ensemble at a thrift shop makes your outfit pop even more. You have a story to tell your friends about how you created your outfit. If you are in Boulder and looking for some more information about thrifting, here is a guide to thrifting. 

2. Party Local

Besides the expenses involved in traveling, travel increases your carbon footprint. If you are willing and able to find a local festival or rave, attending those events is a more sustainable practice. If you are traveling by a plane and are able to purchase a carbon offset, doing so would be a good idea.

3. Carpool to the Gig

Carpooling is a fun way to arrive with all your friends at the same time, cut travel costs, and have fun on the ride over. Splitting the gas money or rideshare cost also makes the evening more affordable. For more information, please see this article on Traveling Zero Waste.

4. Bring Your Own Reusable Water Bottle

Most venues have a place for you to refill your water bottle. Bring an empty water bottle and fill it up  rather than purchasing single-use water bottles at the event. I would recommend having a backpack with a water bladder.

5. Clean Up After Yourself

​Littering is so lame. Not only are you littering, but you are making someone else clean up after you. Finding the proper recycling and landfill areas and disposing of your waste correctly puts the ”Respect” part of PLUR into effect.

6. Do Your Own Research

​Who is running the event? Is the company in line with sustainable practices? Values can range from large to small. Is the company going to have vegetarian or vegan options? Is their stage made of sustainable materials? If you find a festival that has sustainable practices, show up and tell all your friends. Use the power of your dollar to reward sustainable practices.