Students helping divert move out waste from landfills

Over 3 dozen CU students and staff volunteered and worked 700 hours at the Give and Go Donation Drive at CU Boulder. This event assisted almost 7,500 students in 25 halls during their on-campus residence departure. Move Out is a time where a significantly large amount of waste is produced, which can end up in the landfill. The Give and Go Donation is a partnership between the Environmental Center, Facilities Management and Residence Life. The goal of the Give and Go Donation Drive at CU Boulder is to reduce landfill waste and capture as many usable items as possible that are in good and working condition. In May, these captured items are donated to CU Boulder partners, USAgain, Resource Central, and Boulder Emergency Family Assistance creating a local community benefit. Participating in this event encourages students to use sustainable purchasing habits and in turn can lead to lower overall consumption for future semesters. Volunteers that helped in the Give and Go Donation Drive diverted waste from landfills and built community across Boulder.

Fast facts pulled out from article- 17.32 tons of materials donated, $2,375.58 savings in landfill costs, USAgain planted an estimated  100 trees, CU- Chi Omega raised $4,200 for scholarships, Over 3 dozen CU students and staff volunteered and worked 700 hours.  Through our event, a total amount  of 17.32 tons of materials were collected and were donated for reuse, recycling, or consumption. This saved an approximate $2,375.58 in landfill costs for the university. One of our partners, USAgain, planted an estimated 100 trees. CU Boulder’s own CU - Chi Omega raised $4,200 for scholarships through the resale of items collected from the Give and Go Move Out collection as well as other community donations.