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One person's trash is another person's treasure.

As the end of the semester comes closer and closer to wrapping up a year of many memories, there are a lot of memorable things leftover from the past year. For most college students by the end of your year here you will have to move out and pack up your belongings for the summer. When cleaning out your dorm, apartment, or house you will go through some items that no longer have a use or that you're unable to bring with you while you're away. With CU’s large student body of almost 30,000 students it's not only an issue for landfills, but also a large missed opportunity to earn some extra cash on the side. Many items or possessions that you would normally discard could actually turn a profit for you in ways that are easier than you would expect. So here's a few valuable items you can resell to stay green both environmentally and financially.


Resell to the CU book store (store) 

Boulder book store (store)

Online marketplaces (website)

  • If you're fine with a shipping charge these are some great places to sell your used books for probably the most profit. 

  • Ex: (ebay, amazon, nextdoor, craigslist, facebook marketplace)


Apocalypse (Store)

  • A resale clothing store on the pearl street strip, bring in your old clothes and exchange them for store credit or cash


Plato's closet (store)

Depop (website - consignment)

  • Depop is an online marketplace where your able to buy/sell your clothes with ease, it’s an easy way to clear out your closet 


Ebay (website - consignment)

  • Ebay is a well known online marketplace that makes its an easy place to sell clothes

Electronics and Furniture

Nextdoor (website)

  • Nextdoor is an online community where your able to contact neighbors about things going on in your community, but it has an important feature where your able to sell things to people in your area 


Facebook marketplace (Website)

Craigslist (Website)

  • Craigslists is a website where you're able to sell older items in your area for people to pick up from where you want to meet. This diminishes the struggle of shipping and allows for sellers to get directly to the buyer.


Ebay (Website) 

  • Ebay along with your clothes you're able to sell your old items anywhere around the globe with ease. (The only penalty of ebay is the shipping charges so this is more suitable for technology than furniture.)


Being able to make a profit is always a good feeling and helps even more when you can help the cycle of reuse in the process. 

Good luck with move out CU and stay green (In more ways than one)