Parker hiking outdoorsAnnouncing the keynote speaker for 29th Annual Campus Sustainability Summit Solutions Showcase 2022- Parker McMullen Bushman! Her talk is titled Exploring Inclusivity and Climate Justice. Below is a brief bio and synopsis of her talk. She will be speaking 6:15-7:15 on April 21st, 2022. You can sign up for her talk and other showcase events here. 

The world is facing a decisive moment in the battle against climate change–one that requires bringing a range of voices and perspectives to the table. Climate change is inextricably linked to the challenge of creating a more equitable world. It is impossible to tackle climate change without also tackling inequality. Everyone deserves a clean and healthy environment.  All communities must have clean air and water, and one’s life expectancy should never be determined by zip code, race or income. This is a critical moment to define bold and equitable climate solutions that address the legacy of environmental racism in the U.S. Join Parker McMullen Bushman as she talks about what it means to have inclusive climate action and how we can develop solutions to tackle climate change with an equity mindset. 

Parker McMullen Bushman is the Chief Operating Officer of Inclusive Journeys, and founder of Ecoinclusive Strategies. Parker is a dynamic speaker and facilitator that engages organizations in new thinking around what it means to be a diversity change-agent and create dynamic organizational change. Parker’s background in the non-profit leadership, conservation, environmental education and outdoor recreation fields spans over 24+ years. Parker has a passion for equity and inclusion in outdoor spaces. Her interest in justice, accessibility, and equity issues developed from her personal experiences facing the unequal representation of people of color in environmental organizations and green spaces. Parker tackles these complex issues by addressing them through head on activism and education.