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Adapting to more reusables and zero waste lifestyle changes is fairly easy to do in Boulder. Knowing where to go to use your reusables is important. A lot of places nearby offer discounts as well for bringing in your mug, bag, etc. I will provide you with the best places to go to have the best success in your zero waste living as well as the most efficient ways to begin reducing your waste and adapting to a more reusable way of living.

Guide on Where to Buy Zero Waste in Boulder and Beyond

  • For a wide variety of categories, an online zero waste store can be found here 

  • Loose-leaf teas:

    • Ku Cha House of Tea

    • Rebecca’s Apothecary

  • Food:

    • Nude Foods Market

    • Sprouts

  • Coffee:

    • Ozo Coffee

    • Silver Canyon Coffee

  • For cleaning supplies:

    • Cedar and Hyde

    • Nude Foods Market

Use Up What You Have Before Buying a Reusable Option

It is vitally important to remember that before purchasing any reusable option of an item, to use up what you already own. The saying goes “Reduce, Reuse, Recycle” The first step being to reduce your waste, then incorporate reusable items.

  • The best and most useful alternatives that people should consider adapting into their lifestyles is as follows:

    • Reusable grocery bags, and as we know Boulder County has a bag fee and many other towns are beginning to incorporate this fee as well.

    • Reusable water bottles, there are so many on the market these days there is an option out there for everybody!

    • Reusable coffee containers

      • Make sure to bring them to Lug Your Mug every Wednesday until America Recycles Day

        • Make sure to check out our instagram to see when we have other events like this!

    • Tupperware

      • Best for college students for breakfast/lunch/dinner

    • Reusable straws, there are various kinds:

      • Metal

      • Bamboo

      • Glass

      • Silicone

Best Hacks for Reusing as a College Student

  • These years of our lives we are constantly experiencing change, and for a lot of us that means moving maybe every year of college, in and out of dorms, houses, apartments. Reuse these moving boxes again and again! This saves the money and time you would have to spend making a last-minute trip to get some boxes as everyone else is moving out as well.

  • Decorate your spaces with secondhand items. Nowadays you can find just about anything at a thrift store or antique resale shop. Check out all your local second hand stores when moving into a new space before you resort to buying new items.

  • Know the correct rules for recycling and composting in your town.

  • Buy in bulk and use reusable containers when shopping as often as possible.