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Moving out can be a very stressful time, especially when you are moving back home for the summer. It is important to keep in mind some sustainable habits when going through these transitioning periods. It is easy to get swept up with convenience and just throwing away everything but it is important to continue to practice zero waste as much as possible when moving out.

The Tragic Abundance of Waste Associated with Move-Out:

  • Within student housing communities, there can be a large accumulation of waste during typical move out weeks. 

  • There is often an abundance of things that may have become useless and/or lost its value to one, so they decide to get rid of it when in the process of moving out. However, this piles up in trash cans around cities, when a lot of the “trash”could be easily donated or properly disposed of.

  • Especially when living with roommates, the amount of trash accumulated can get overwhelmed extremely fast. 

Donate, Prep, Plan, Purge:

  • Plan ahead and plan early: make sure to think about where all your stuff is going to go before it is time to move out and make a plan for what you will donate and what you will keep! 

  • Try to limit as much waste as possible by making the trip to a donation center so your gently used clothes and items can be reused.

  • When packing, go through all your clothes and donate what you do not wear anymore.

    • Some places in Boulder you can donate your clothes:

      • Goodwill

        • 2486 Baseline Rd

      • Platos (for money, will not take everything, whatever they do not take donate directly to goodwill or another thrift store)

        • 2510 Arapahoe Ave

      • Salvation Army 

        • 1701 33rd St

      • Greenwood Wildlife Gift and Thrift

        • 3600 Arapahoe Ave

  • Donate any furniture you will not be bringing with you to your new place!

    • Some places in Boulder you can donate furniture:

      • Goodwill 

        • 2486 Baseline Rd

        • 3043 Walnut St

  • Greenwood Wildlife Gift and Thrift

    • (cosigns good furniture)

    • 3600 Arapahoe Ave

  • For more donation sites and information visit this webpage.

  • Also, check to see if any of the donation centers near you offer pickup services!

Key Zero Waste Tips When Moving Out:

  • Do not buy any new stuff when you know you will be moving soon! By doing this, it will limit the amount of waste that you will accumulate.

  • Wait to thrift any new furniture/items you may need if you are moving places within Boulder. That way, you do not have to move as much stuff.

  • When transitioning to a new place, you want to move as little stuff as possible to make for a smoother moving experience, thus waiting to buy new things is essential. 

  • Since there will be a lot of donations happening due to a large amount of people all moving out at once, it would be a good time if you are moved into a new place and in need of furniture and/or other items to scope out your local thrift stores!