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Let’s face’s been a really tough year. A lot of people may not have the same means to buy gifts for friends, visit family, etc. The gift of giving back is priceless and meaningful, and may even bring you more joy than your regular holiday traditions. Here are some cheap, impactful, and meaningful ways to give to loved ones this holiday.

Have A Clothing Swap

  • If you and your friends can’t afford to do a gift exchange this year, clean out your closet and do a clothing swap!

Bake, Cook, or Craft

  • Bake, cook, or make a craft that you can give to all of your loved ones
  • Zero Waste Crafts


  • There are many people who do not have access to basic needs like food and clothing, especially amid the coronavirus pandemic
  • Be sure to donate food waste or unwanted clothing items to homeless shelters this year to help.
  • The Boulder Shelter For the Homeless is a great place to donate food and other goods

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