Published: Nov. 13, 2020

While we take some necessary time to celebrate family, friends, and life during this holiday season, lets not forget to also celebrate the planet that provides for us all!

A Holiday Fact to Keep in Mind

  • During the holiday season, about 25% more waste is generated by Americans between Thanksgiving and New Year’s Eve. 
  • This means an extra 25 million tons of waste is created, or about 1 million extra tons per week.

It doesn’t have to be that way!

  • While its easy to get lost in the shopping and gifting hustle that is often connected with the holidays, don’t let that change your sustainability mindset.
  • There are more sustainable ways to celebrate the holidays!
  • Voting with your dollar is just as important during the holidays as it is during your day to day life

Check out these ideas and tips for a more Green Holiday season!

  • Green Gift Ideas
    • Experiences make great gifts
    • Give durable items that will last
    • Gift things you can enjoy, use, and/or grow
    • Find gifts that reduce waste
    • Books… yup, just books!
    • Rechargeable electronics
    • Homemade gifts always have special touch and usually far less waste
    • A gift you can “use up” leaves minimal waste behind (hint: candles, soap)
    • ReGift... Don’t be afraid
  • Eco Friendly Wrapping Ideas
    • Newspaper
    • Scrap fabric
    • Reusable gift bags
    • Pages from magazines
    • Reusable decorative tins or baskets
    • Old Maps
  • Sustainable Decorations
    • Use a live tree to prevent the need for plastic trees to be created
    • Decorations from compostable items (popcorn, dried cranberries, etc)
    • LED string lights
  • DIY Gift Cards
    • Old record sleeves
    • Cereal boxes
    • Anything with a folded corner made from paperboard
    • Old postcards 
    • Collages  
    • Artwork from you or a friend 

Tricky Items to Recycle during the Holidays

  • Block Foam (#6 PS)
  • Holidays Trees (natural)
    • Check with your local waste hauler for seasonal options to compost your tree
    • Keep it around as a plant in your house… all you have to do is water it!
  • Wrapping Paper
    • Some communities offer seasonal wrapping paper recycling options during the holidays
    • Wrapping paper has a high clay content and a low fiber content, so it is considered a contaminate and is NOT RECYCLABLE
  • Holiday Lights
    • Check with our local community recycler to see if they offer season holiday light recycling

EcoCycle Holiday Guide

  • A great resource for Boulder County holiday recycling and waste reduction tips!

Longmont Waste Diversion Center

  • Offers holiday specific recycling, as well as year round options for hard to recycle items

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