Published: April 13, 2018 By
staff collect a variety of donation items

The annual “Give & Go Donation Drive” is being held in all the Campus Residence Halls during Student Move Out between April 30 and May 10 (extended to May 14 in Bear Creek).  This campus-wide reuse program captured over 38 tons of reusable items last year… that’s enough to fill 7 18-wheelers! All these items would have ended up in a landfill without the hard work of volunteers and staff throughout the drive.  

With such a large effort, we need all hands on deck to make this substantial effort a success.  Much like the large efforts needed during Student Move In to assist students moving onto campus, we can also use YOUR support during Student Move Out to make this effort possible.

Volunteers help package materials for collection, load materials on to trucks, and guide students to donate correctly at our stations. Please use this form to sign up for available volunteer shifts.

The Drive is a production of a great partnership between Housing & Dining Services, Facilities Management, and The Environmental Center. With such a large amount of material collected in such a short period of time, campus staff also rely on non-profit service providers with the capacity to handle the acute volume to make it happen. In the past we have worked with Goodwill, ARC, Habitat for Humanity, Savers, Epilepsy Foundation, USAgain, Community Food Share, and the Boulder County Homeless Shelter. Our current partners are unique in their capacity to handle the intense wave of materials the student move-out process creates and are crucial to its success.

Salvation Army provides staffing and equipment to collect the over 35 tons of reusable goods the donation drive creates. These items are put back to use in the community through their network of thrift stores. Items that they do not sell get recycled to the best of their ability. Beyond reuse and recycling, Salvation Army provides a host of services to those in need in local communities including disaster relief and support, shelter and food, unemployment assistance, and much more. See all the wide array of community services Salvation Army provides.
Emergency Family Assistance Association’s mission is to meet basic needs for those in need in the Boulder community. EFAA accepts the over 2.5 tons of personal care products and non-perishable foods from the drive and distributes them to the Boulder community. GlobeMed CU accepts the spare change collected and uses it to support sustainability projects in Nepal.