Published: March 23, 2018
an office with a wall of green foliage outside of it

Green Office Certification is a simple educational process for campus offices to take advantage of the sustainability resources available to them on campus. 

Earning a Green Office Certification is as simple as:

1. Designate an office Eco-Leader

This person will facilitate and champion the certification process, working with Environmental Center staff.

2. Complete the Green Office Self-Assessment Tool 

This will help you (and us) get a sense of where you're at and what improvements can be made.

3. Verification Visit

A short ~30-minute walk-though of your office - a great time to ask questions and get advice!

4. Recommendations

We'll give you some helpful recommendations based on your assessment and visit.

5. Schedule a Green Office Training Presentation

Helpful for the whole office, these are usually best as an inclusion in an existing staff meeting.

It's that easy!

Begin the Green Office Certification process