Published: Feb. 8, 2018
compost mini bin

CU Recycling is working to expand compost collections campus-wide as part of CU's Zero Waste Initiative. During the last fiscal year, we diverted over 736 tons of compost from campus buildings - that's the size of ~6.5 blue whales!

This week, in additional to all of the buildings that already have compost bins, compost bins were added to the following buildings on campus as we continue our continuous quest for Zero Waste:

  • Guggenheim Geography
  • Economics
  • Museum Collections
  • Marine Street Science Center (RL #6)
  • Center for Academic Success and Engagement (CASE)*

*compost will be available when this building opens to the public

Compost bins have been placed in the restrooms of these buildings to reduce additional labor necessary, to capture compostable (but not recyclable) daily paper towel waste, and so that they are in a place with frequent air exchanges.

In the coming weeks, recycling staff will be visiting offices in the buildings that have just added compost to deliver "Compost Mini Bins" to aid office residents in bringing their compostables to the rest rooms. 

If you are in a building that currently has compost collection in the rest rooms and would like a Compost Mini bin, email Dan Baril -

CU Recycling will continue to expand campus collections for compost as operational logistics and budget availability allow.

Established in 1976, the mission of the University of Colorado’s Recycling Services is to cost-effectively reduce and recover resources from the waste stream, while promoting the environmental and social benefits of recycling, and providing opportunities for meaningful student involvement.  Recycling is managed at CU by a partnership among student government, Housing and Dining Services, and Facilities Management.