Published: April 13, 2017

Move Out: ON Campus

The annual “Give & Go Donation Drive” is being held in all the Campus Residence Halls during student move out.  This extensive reuse program only happens because of a great partnership with The Environmental Center, Housing & Dining Services, and Salvation Army.


Here are a few details:

  • When to donate:
    • 5/1-5/12 (Bear Creek apartments go until 5/15)
  • Where to donate:
    • In your lobby or common area… look for the “Give & Go” station
  • What to donate:
    • Clothing, Bedding, Electronics, Fans, Lamps, Mirrors, Storage, Sporting Equipment, Non Perishable Food, Personal Care Products
    • Nothing broken, stained, soiled, or gross. 
    • No trash, recycling, or compost
  • Make sure to RECYCLE CORRECTLY during Move Out!
    • Bring recycling to the correct area… DO NOT leave in donation area


Proceeds Benefit:

  • Salvation Army
    • Reusable Items
  • Emergency Family Assistance Association
    • Non Perishable Food and Personal Care Products
  • Globe Med at CU
    • Spare Change collected


Facts from “Give & Go” last year:

  • Total items diverted from the landfill: 27.69 tons (55,280 lbs)
    • Reusable Items: 26 tons (51,994 lbs)
    • Non Perishable Food: 1.3 tons (2,258 lbs)
    • Personal Care Products: 0.56 tons (1,128 lbs)
  • Spare Change collected: $144.83
    • Going to help fund sustainability projects in Nepal through GlobMed at CU


Move Out: OFF Campus

What to Do with Harder-To-Recycle Items


Students living off campus have many convenient options to donate any reusable items to Thrift Stores throughout the City of Boulder. 

Benefits of donating your unwanted items:

  • Give your things a second life with someone who can really use them
  • Reduce items going to the landfill (which is a permanent grave)
  • Reduce the need to create/purchase brand new items (saves LOTS of resources)
  • Reduce the waste and mess of items in the alley ways and trash areas across town
  • Avoid violating Boulder’s Trash Ordinance, which could lead to fines of up to $1000 for:
    • Improper disposal of your trash or personal belongings (couches, TVs, etc)
    • Failing to use bear-proof waste bins
    • Improper storage of waste
  • If you sell your items on Craig’s List or another venue, you can make a bit of money too


Use this list of common thrift stores to find a location near you and give your items a second life:



We are doing our summer bike storage again. Drop off on May 11-12 at Will Vill and Kitt and May 8-12 at the UMC. We will then return the bikes the first week of school at the UMC.