Who are we?

The Deming Center Venture Fund (DCVF) provides an applied educational experience in venture capital for a multidisciplinary group of graduate students at the University of Colorado Boulder. We seek to make an impact in the Colorado private investment community and entrepreneurial ecosystem. DCVF strives to provide an equitable and inclusive experience for its members, board, and the companies and individuals with which it engages. 

Through a two year experiential program, students have the opportunity to learn by doing. DCVF provides hands-on due diligence, interaction with entrepreneurs, presentations to advisory board members, direct participation in investment decisions, and ongoing monitoring and analysis of investments. The objective is to make sound investment decisions based on comprehensive due diligence and investment analysis with the intent to extend the life of the fund.

What do we invest in?

DCVF focuses on investing in early-stage startups in the Colorado and CU Boulder communities. The target capital investment is $25,000 in exchange for equity, convertible debt, or a similar security. 

DCVF aims to support both the Colorado and CU Boulder entrepreneurial ecosystems while also exposing graduate students to an applied venture capital investment experience as they source, analyze, and invest in local ventures.

What do we value?

We value education.
We are curious. Inquisitive. We ask “Why?” We are lifelong learners whether we are current students or experienced VCs. Our commitment to education is what brings us all together.
We value ambition.
We are driven. Focused. We go above and beyond. We are known as dedicated, professional, and hardworking. We share an internal motivation to contribute our best and hold each other accountable.
We value innovation.
We are forward-thinking. Creative. Committed to driving change. Making an Impact. We know entrepreneurship and innovation go hand in hand and they are the nature of our work.
We value diversity.
We are a multidisciplinary group of graduate students. We come from different backgrounds. Have different stories. Bring different and unique perspectives to the table. Our diversity makes us stronger and even more impactful as a team.
We value community.
We are approachable. Welcoming. Inclusive. We connect Colorado founders and investors to our academic resources and broader networks. We are committed to building community.

Committed to Diversity, Equity, and Inclusion in all we do.

We will be a fund that leads by example, showcasing how to operationalize DEI best practices in venture, being transparent about our practices and progress toward DEI goals, and by being a resource center for the greater Colorado VC and Startup community.

Seeking investment?

If you are an entrepreneur looking for funding and think you fit our thesis, please get in touch with us at contact@cudcvf.org.

Please provide us with information on your company, the round you’re raising, and a pitch deck.

Want to join our team?

Applications for first-year MBA students to join DCVF are now closed.

Applications for JD and PhD in Engineering students open during the Spring 2023 semester.