This seminar was an exceptional introduction to Daoist texts that will have a lasting effect on my teaching and research. It was among the most rigorous and intense academic experiences I have had.”

The directors had to deal with an enormous range of variation in expertise and preparation amongst the participants, but they did so effectively and I don't believe anyone felt inadequate to the task. The group's reading ability visibly rose over the three weeks.”

The calibre of participants, the breadth of disciplines represented, and the expertise of the four guides of the workshop created an environment in which we participants learned far more than we could have imagined.”

Patience and debate while reading highly esoteric material was performed by the hosts and by the two visiting faculty, which was itself an extremely helpful model for the participants, many of whom were not trained to read texts so carefully in graduate school.”

The chance to read fundamental Daoist religious texts with two of the best scholars in the world in the field (and with the very active participation of two international scholars who are also first-rate) was invaluable.”