Published: Nov. 15, 2020

The University of Colorado Boulder Conference on World Affairs student leadership team has established a new CWA student leader certificate program in which CWA student volunteers can gain recognition for their efforts in planning the annual Boulder tradition. Their efforts include recruiting speakers, logistics of event planning, panel assembly all catering to their student and community audience interests. 

"Our student volunteer group, which can grow to over 100 students each spring, spends countless hours brainstorming topics, inviting speakers, and helps to assemble over 200 events in one week, along with the logistcal challenges associated with an event of this size," says Lauren Daniels, CWA Student Program Chair. "We've never been able to quantify that work in any formal way; this certificate program provides recognition for all of the hard work they have done and for their outstanding performance and involvement with the conference."

The certification process, established by CU senior and CWA Student Vice Chair, William Romano, requires that CWA student volunteers make substantial contributions to their CWA program subcommittee (the subcommittes broken out by topic that make up the CWA program committee), have an active volunteer role during CWA week, and engage other students in the event so that their impact can benefit future events after they leave their position.

"We're hoping that this certificate program not only recognizes our student volunteers for their efforts, but gives our student group a greater structure and goal to work towards each year of the CWA," said William Romano, CWA Student Program Vice Chair. "Each year we want to leave the conference better than it was the year before, and engage more students so that it continues to thrive and benefit the CU community for many years to come."

For information on how to get involved and the many different student volunteer opportunities, visit our Student Volunteer Webpage.