Sarah Massey-Warren
Faculty Fellows in Community Based Research, CU Engage • Instructor, Program for Writing and Rhetoric • WRTG 3020: Cross-Cultural Writing and Intergenerational Communication for First Generation and Non-traditional Students
Program for Writing and Rhetoric

The proposed course is a revised version of a pilot course taught in Fall 2016 that paired students with community members age fifty and over. We propose to modify the course to focus specifically on first-generation students and nontraditional students, including working students who return to school, military veterans, and parents. The 2016 fall course learning goals included bridging chasms between generations through focused writing, readings, and communication. Participants found new ways to collaborate and communicate, to identify challenges and posit solutions to issues including meaningful work, health care, and communicating with technology. A primary goal of the pilot and the proposed course is to break down the “silos” that separate generations, in order that they communicate and work together.

Here is a video on the course!