Rachael Deagman, Instructor and Director of Internships, Department of English ENGL 3930: English Internships
Faculty Fellows for Community Based Learning, CU Engage • Instructor and Director of Internships ENGL 3930
Department of English

This program enables us to convert our English internship program into an academic course. Currently, English interns work 120 hours over the course of the semester at an internship site. Each student reports to a site supervisor and also to a faculty sponsor. The students also attend four professional development workshops that I lead. Developing a course that is connected to the program will allow me to streamline the application and assessment process, to offer consistent and frequent instruction and feedback to the students, and to facilitate community connections, both within and beyond the classroom. At the moment, we have about 13 internship sites, including Boulder Public Library, OUT FRONT Magazine, Pop Culture Classroom, Art from Ashes, Boulder Writing Studio, Colorado Arts and Sciences Magazine, University Press of Colorado, In the Telling, Dairy Arts Center, Shambhala Publications, Chinook Fund, Lighthouse Writers Workshop, and Poetry Out Loud.