Enrique Lopez
Assistant Professor, School of Education
CU Engage | School of Education

This proposal creates a 1 credit practicum component to the EDUC 4840: Decolonial Praxis in Education course.  In the 4840 seminar, students develop a deep understanding of critical and culturally sustaining theories of learning related to Chicanx and Latinx education. This course trains students to participate as counselors in in the Aquetza summer residential program. The practicum enables undergraduates to translate theories into practice by working with 3-4 high school students to design and carry out a semester-long project to promote the positive education of Chicanx and Latinx youth.  This practicum will help create an ongoing connection between high school youth’s summer experiences in Aquetza and on-going social justice work.  It will draw on Participatory Action Research methods to assist undergraduates and high school youth in planning  and executing their projects.  Our ultimate goal is to develop a meaningful partnership between Aquetza and local high schools where youth can move from participants in Aquetza to counselors, then instructors, and ultimately program directors This year, the practicum will be piloted at Longmont High School with the expectation that it will be expanded to other partner high schools in future years.