Clinical Professor of Law, School of Law
LAW 7079- Wrongful Conviction

This project expands the existing Wrongful Convictions (Law 7079-801) by adding a practicum where students, through the Korey Wise Innocence Project (KWIP) and other community partners, work on actual innocence cases.  The learning objectives throughout the course will focus on exposing root causes of wrongful convictions. Students will analyze and discuss the substantive law and remedies associated with wrongful convictions, paths to exoneration and compensation. Topics will include mistaken eyewitness identification, “junk” forensic science, forensic DNA testing, and post-conviction remedies.  

In the practicum portion of the course, students will be exposed to post-conviction collateral litigation, ethics in criminal law – both defense and prosecution – and factual analysis training. In collaboration with the KWIP, students will investigate claims of innocence and draft pleadings under the supervision of an experienced attorney.