Published: Jan. 8, 2021

CU Boulder is accepting nominations for students (undergraduate or graduate) to be named a Newman Civic Fellow sponsored by Campus Compact.  Nominees must be enrolled as CU Students for the 2021-2022 Academic Year (e.g. students graduating in Spring 2021 or Fall 2021 are not eligible).

The Newman Civic Fellowship recognizes and supports community-committed students who are changemakers and public problem-solvers at Campus Compact member institutions. Fellows are nominated by their president or chancellor on the basis of their potential for public leadership.

Through the fellowship, Campus Compact provides students with training and resources that nurture their assets and passions and help them develop strategies for social change. The yearlong program, named for Campus Compact founder Frank Newman, includes virtual learning opportunities and networking as part of a national network of engaged student leaders and an optional in-person convening.

CU Boulder's 2020-2021 Newman Civic Fellow is Hailey Ettinger.

Click here to learn more about the Fellowship.

Click here to nominate an undergraduate or graduate student. Deadline Wednesday, January 27th, 11:59 PM.

There are two main components to the nomination: A personal statement from the nominee and a nomination letter. So please work with the student to craft your nomination together.

Student Personal Statement:

Please provide a brief (200-word max) statement from the nominated student about their work. The student's name will appear under this personal statement. These personal statements will be used for publicity purposes and willbe featured on Campus Compact's website. The student should include information central to the recommendation, including their approach to addressing the root causes of social issues and their potential for developing innovative and collaborative strategies for addressing public problems.

Faculty /Staff Nomination Letter:
The Nominator will write a letter that speaks to the criteria below.  This letter will then be forwarded to the Chancellor who will make the official nomination.  Please use general language about the students' engagement and leadership- text from this letter will be on the Campus Compact Website.

Criteria: This fellowship recognizes community-committed students who:

  • Engage in collaborative action with others from campus or from surrounding communities in order to create long-term social change
  • Take action in addressing issues of inequality and political polarization
  • Demonstrate the motivation and potential for effective long-term civic engagement

Please attach a nomination letter that should include information about the nominee's approach(es) to addressing the root causes of social issues. These may include, for example, involvement in public policy reform, community organizing, community-based research, social entrepreneurism, or other efforts to build the capacity of community-based organizations. Additionally, please let us know why you believe this student has the motivation and potential to develop innovative and collaborative approaches to addressing public problems and to contribute to a network of similarly-committed students.

In addition, each nominee must have a Named Mentor. Typically, the nominator agrees to be the mentor for the fellowship. If this is not the case, please name the new mentor in the application.

In agreeing to serve as a Newman Civic Fellow mentor, mentors commit to the following responsibilities:

  • Meet quarterly with their fellow during the academic year of the student’s fellowship
  • Help fellow reflect on their experience in the fellowship and on their broader personal, professional, and civic development
  • Connect fellow to relevant resources as opportunities arise to do so
  • Participate in a virtual mentor orientation with Campus Compact during the summer prior to the fellowship year
  • Communicate with Campus Compact as needed.

If you have questions, contact Roudy Hildreth,