Sara Nolan Photo

Sara Nolan

Instructor, Program for Writing and Rhetoric
WRTG 1150: First-Year Writing and Rhetoric
The course content focuses on recognizing, analyzing, and utilizing rhetorical strategies effectively in written discourse. The course places a strong emphasis on writing process, including drafting, revising, and editing. Students research and analyze texts on selected topics, ultimately constructing an in-depth research project. The learning objectives of WRTG 1150 are: Develop rhetorical knowledge Analyze texts in a variety of genres Refine and reflect on the writing process Develop information literacy...
Jota Samper Photo

Jota Samper

Assistant Professor, Architecture, Sustainable Planning & Urban Design
ENVD 3009-820 The Medellin Practicum/Studio: Planning Informality
The Colombia Global Seminar is a hands-on Studio, at ENVD we target the studio to our students in Planning, Landscape and Architecture. In this studio we work alongside marginalized communities in Medellin, Colombia and engage in identifying what are their needs. Students lead the planning, design and building process of projects that try to resolve community selected issues. Past programs have built water collection systems, gathering spaces, community gardens, paved...