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2018 CBR FellowsCU Engage is excited to be working with our 2018-19 cohort of Community-Based Research Graduate Fellows to pursue mutually-beneficial academic research developed in partnership with community organizations and other public intestest partners. Spanning four academic disciplines from across CU Boulder, the five Fellows are working together to develop new research methodologies that positively co-create research that has the potential for public impact. 

Vincent Russell, CBR Fellow and doctoral student in Communications, says: "I am most looking forward to joining a learning community of like-minded scholars who have a passion for community engagement. I am looking forward to honing my CBR methods and learning best practices in community with a network of other scholars who have expertise in this approach."

Ángeles Osorio Cooper, an Education doctoral student and CBR Fellow, explains: "I am excited to share, learn and support the other CBR fellows, my colleagues, as we all aim to produce knowledge that builds capacity for our partners and contributes to social change."

The 2018-19 cohort of selected CBR Graduate Fellows is below:

Kelsey Tayne, doctoral student in Education
Research Project: Partnership for Action-Oriented Climate Change Teaching and Learning

Kelsey is teaming up with K-12 teachers to co-develop units of study focused on climate change. Together, they are designing units to support students in researching and taking action on this complex issue.

Jashodhara Sen (Jash), doctoral student in Theatre & Performance Studies
Research Project: Leaving Home, Finding Home: Stories by South Asian Women within the US
Leaving Home, Finding Home is a platform for documenting the autobiographical stories of South Asian immigrant women in the Boulder county community.

Arielle Milkman, doctoral student in Anthropology
Research Project: Community-based Mapping of Displacement and Environmental Risk in Northeast Denver
Arielle is excited to be part of a community of engaged scholars and producing work that serves communities in Colorado.

Ángeles Osorio Cooper, doctoral student in Education
Research Project: Immigrant Moms Organizing for the Restoration of Bilingual Education in their Children's Schools 
Maria is partnering with a group of moms in order to support them in becoming agents of change in their school community.

Vincent Russell, doctoral student in Communications
Research Project: This Machine has a Soul: Evaluating Participatory Budgeting in Denver
Vincent is democratizing his research process as he works to overcome superficial barriers between academia and Denver communities advocating for social change.

These students were selected by a cross-campus committee of faculty, staff, and graduate students. Funding for these .25 GRAs was provided by the following campus units: The Office of the Provost, Office of Outreach and Engagement, The Center for STEM Learning, and the Graduate School. Fellows completed a two-day summer seminar and will participate in bi-weekly study group about  the principles and practices of Community-Based Research. They will carry out CBR projects during the 2018-19 year that connect to their academic discipline and address a public issue.

For more information about the Community-Based Research Graduate Fellowship, click here.