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INVST Metro Caring AmplifyThe September 26 episode of AMPLIFY features the interesting partnership work happening between Metro Caring, Denver’s frontline anti-hunger organization, and CU Boulder’s program INVST Community Studies, an undergraduate leadership training program for students who are passionate about social and environmental justice.

Joining AMPLIFY host Jennifer Ciplet on the September 26 show were guests Sabrina Sideris, Program Director for INVST, and Helen Katich, Programs Manager for Metro Caring. Together, we had a rich discussion about the university-community partnership work that INVST and Metro Caring are doing together to deepen Metro Caring's work toward equity and inclusion within their organization. 

Tune in to Community Radio KGNU 88.5 FM at 9am on Wendesday, September 26 to hear the show air. AMPLIFY always airs on KGNU at 9am on the fourth Wednesday of every month.

Following the radio airing of the show, this episode of AMPLIFY will be available here on our website, via our Soundcloud site, or anywhere you listen to your podcasts (just search CU Engage Amplify).

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"What this shows me is that everyone in the Metro Caring community is dedicated to seeing that their individual actions... matter. But also [what matters to the Metro Caring community is] everyone's overall commitment to understanding that food insecurity with Denver families is just part of a much larger systemic injustice that relates to long term imbalance, inequity and injustice. And we all have a part in combatting all of those things." 
--Sabrina Sideris, INVST Program Director

"Most of the interactions that [Metro Caring has] with all of our community members are provided by volunteers. So it's essential that we're doing these workshops. And it's really provided this groundwork and foundational understanding that we're all able to work from. It's been a phenomenal way of getting everyone on the same page going towards this goal of building equity." 
--Helen Katich, Programs Manager at Metro Caring