Published: Aug. 21, 2018

Aquetza amplify

AMPLIFY host Jennifer Ciplet in the KGNU studio, speaking with Aquetza Program participants Emely Pech-Cruz and Galilea Landa-Posas, along with CU Boulder student and Aquetza instructor Diana Bustamante-Aguilar.

Welcome to the first episode of Season Two of AMPLIFY! On the August 22 Aquetza Edition, host Jennifer Ciplet was joined in the studio by three members of the CU Boulder Aquetza Summer Program. Guests included Diana Bustamante-Aguilar, a fifth year student at CU Boulder and Aquetza instructor; Galilea Landa-Posas, a current Sophmore at Colorado Academy and Aquetza participant; and Emely Pech-Cruz, a current junior at Boulder High School and Aquetza participant.

Aquetza - which means "hold your chin up" in the Mesoamerican Nahuatl language - was founded 6 years ago by a group of CU Boulder undergraduate students. Today, Aquetza provides a free, 10-day summer residential program on the Campus of CU Boulder for participating high school students from across Colorado who have strong ties to Chicano/Latino communities. This summer, in July 2018, the program provided 42 Colorado youth participants with an interactive, academic enrichment experience focused on examining the history, literature, health science, and relevant social and political issues surrounding Chicano/Latino communities.

Aquetza is rooted in a philosophy of education that sees the youth participants as holders and producers of new and valuable knowledge, and the program is designed with this at its core. Aquetza provides its high school participants with a chance to develop new skills and grow and share their knowledge as they become leaders in their communities.

You can also listen to a previous episode of AMPLIFY about the Aquetza program here.

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