On the January 24 edition, AMPLIFY host Jennifer Ciplet speaks with guests from CU Boulder’s INVST Community Studies Program, incluidng Sabrina Sideris, Program Director of INVST, Summer Taylor, an INVST student and CU Boulder junior majoring in Journalism and Ethnic Studies, and Emma Piller, also an INVST student and a CU Boulder junior majoring in English. Joining the conversation from Detroit, MI is Rich Feldman from the James and Grace Lee Boggs Center to Nurture Community Leadership. The Boggs Center hosts INVST students during their Economic Justice Summer Program experience through the Midwest.

During the show, we discuss the benifits and challenges to community organizations, such as the Boggs Center, when joining in partnerships with university programs. We also learn first-hand about the experiences of CU Boulder students Summer and Emma, as they recount their inspiring and educational Economic Justice Summer experience.

Thanks so much for listening, and welcome to the show!



A M P L I F Y: Stories of University-Community Collaborations is a production of CU Engage, the Center for Community-Based Learning and Research at CU Boulder, in partnership with community radio KGNU. The show aims to amplify the voices of students and community partners who are working together to generate new knowledge and actions to address wicked public challenges.

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