Julianne Pearson, Clinical Faculty, Speech, Language, and Hearing Sciences

Julianne Pearson & Mary Dineen

Faculty Fellow in Community Based Learning, CU Engage • SLHS 5898: Intervention
Clinical Faculty • Speech • Language • and Hearing Sciences
We propose a collaborative community-based partnership between the Speech Language Hearing Sciences Department and Golden West , which is a non-profit organization that serves to meet housing, social and community needs for the geriatric population in both independent and assisted living. The aim of this proposal is to develop a pilot community outreach program that engages graduate students in community service learning with the geriatric population 1x/ week for 2...
Rachael Deagman, Instructor and Director of Internships, Department of English ENGL 3930: English Internships

Rachael Deagman

Faculty Fellows for Community Based Learning, CU Engage • Instructor and Director of Internships ENGL 3930
Department of English
This program enables us to convert our English internship program into an academic course. Currently, English interns work 120 hours over the course of the semester at an internship site. Each student reports to a site supervisor and also to a faculty sponsor. The students also attend four professional development workshops that I lead. Developing a course that is connected to the program will allow me to streamline the application...
Sarah Massey-Warren

Sarah Massey-Warren

Faculty Fellows in Community Based Research, CU Engage • Instructor, Program for Writing and Rhetoric • WRTG 3020: Cross-Cultural Writing and Intergenerational Communication for First Generation and Non-traditional Students
Program for Writing and Rhetoric
The proposed course is a revised version of a pilot course taught in Fall 2016 that paired students with community members age fifty and over. We propose to modify the course to focus specifically on first-generation students and nontraditional students, including working students who return to school, military veterans, and parents. The 2016 fall course learning goals included bridging chasms between generations through focused writing, readings, and communication. Participants found...
Melinda Piket-May, Associate Professor, Electrical, Computer and Energy Engineering GEEN1400 First Year Engineering Design 

Melinda Piket-May

Faculty Fellows for Community Based Learning, CU Engaege • Associate Professor, Electrical, Computer and Energy Engineering • GEEN1400 First Year Engineering Design 

Electrical • Computer and Energy Engineering
My current course has pieces of a community based learning but I have not had the opportunity to research scientific community based learning literature and then implement techniques in my class. (Appendix 1: Class Syllabus) I wish to formalize and expand the community based learning aspect of my class so the students understand the connection of the community service outreach based activity with the academic concepts and enhance the critical...