Published: Aug. 24, 2016

CBR FellowsCU Engage is excited to announce our 2016-17 cohort of Community-Based Research (CBR) Graduate Fellows.

Spanning six diverse disciplines including Psychology, Sociology, Education, Mechanical Engineering, Geography, and Technology, Media and Society (ATLAS), the latest group of CBR Fellows will be conducting research in partnership with community organizations to address complex public challenges.

“I'm really looking forward to working with the other fellows to learn more about their projects and to get feedback from them about my project as it unfolds,” says new CBR Fellow Chris Bopp, a doctoral student in Technology, Media and Society (ATLAS).

“Since this type of research deserves careful attention to the needs and perspectives of diverse sets of stakeholders, having a community that can help you think things through from as many different perspectives as possible, in my opinion, is crucial to doing this type of work well.”

The 2016-17 cohort of selected CBR Graduate Fellows is below:

CBR Graduate Fellow

Community Partner

Academic Discipline

Research Project

Rachel Vanderkruik

Valley Settlement Project


Co-Developing Peer-Behavioral Activation Therapy for Depressed Latina Mothers

Vanessa Roberts

Bringing Back the Arts


Bringing Back the Arts – A Youth-Led Fusion of Arts and Research

Wagma Mommandi



Community-Based Recruitment of Future Teachers of Color

David Pfotenhauer

Taking Neighborhood Health To Heart

Mechanical Engineering

TNH2H Continued Investigation of Indoor Air Quality

Chris Bopp

Boulder County 10 Year Plan to Address Homelessness

Technology Media and Society (ATLAS)

Coordinating Responses and Long­term Outcomes Using Technology in Housing Services

Aaron Malone

Denver Federation of Zacatecan Clubs


Hometown Associations and Transnational Engagement in Denver’s Mexican Immigrant Community

These students were selected by a cross-campus committee of faculty, staff, and graduate students. Funding for these .25 GRAs was provided by the following campus units: The Office of the Provost, Office of Outreach and Engagement, The Center for STEM Learning, and the Graduate School. Fellows completed a two-day summer seminar and will participate in bi-weekly study group about  the principles and practices of Community-Based Research. They will carry out CBR projects during the 2016-17 year that connect to their academic discipline and address a public issue.