David Ensign: Annexation assures acceptable outcomes

I am in my fifth year serving on the City of Boulder planning board, and I would like to share my perspective as someone who has devoted countless hours reviewing and making recommendations on the CU South flood-mitigation and annexation project. Being involved in the process at the level required of a planning board member has allowed me to be confident that extensive analysis of opportunities and outcomes has been done at every step of the way, and that the resulting annexation agreement currently up for approval is both solid and an excellent outcome for the city. I offer these perspectives as an individual, and not in my role as a planning board member.

City, university release final review draft of agreement for CU Boulder South annexation project

The City of Boulder and the University of Colorado Boulder have released a final review draft (99%) of the annexation agreement for the CU Boulder South property, highlighting final proposed terms to be voted on by City Council later this month. The proposed agreement is the culmination of years of collaboration among the city, county, university and community to provide flood protection for downstream Boulder community members, protect and restore critical riparian habitat and manage well-planned housing-centered development on a limited portion of the site.

Jan Burton: Annexation is the heroic solution

A misguided opinion piece by Camera Opinion Page Editor Julie Marshall was parroted by three Boulder City Council candidates during the Boulder Chamber’s candidate forum held last week. This continues a long saga over flood protection and subsequent development of CU’s South property.

Philip P. DiStefano: We’ve met our moral obligations; an easement could take years

The CU Boulder South Annexation agreement currently under public review provides the residents of the City of Boulder the best and most expedient way to achieve critical flood protection. It’s as simple as that.

Sam Weaver: Imminent climate change threat requires impactful response at CU South

A time of difficult decisions is upon us, as much as we all might wish differently. Forests are aflame, rivers increasingly wash away lives, and familiar weather patterns are no longer. The people of Boulder face increasingly difficult tradeoffs in the face of accelerating climate disruptions. As a city, our public safety mandate requires that effectively protecting lives is our top priority.

Regents approve CU Boulder South annexation

The University of Colorado Board of Regents on Friday approved the disposition of more than half of the 308-acre CU Boulder South property to the city of Boulder for flood mitigation and preservation of permanent open space -- a key stepping stone toward annexation of the site into the Boulder city limits.

Sean Maher: Time to move ahead on CU South

The Daily Camera has devoted a lot of ink to the debate on CU South over the last few months and rightfully so. What happens at this 308-acre site in the coming years will have a big impact on Boulder as well as the university.

Philip P. DiStefano and Nuria Rivera-Vandermyde: CU Boulder South annexation: A milestone on this journey

For 145 years, the city and University of Colorado Boulder have been inextricably linked in a way that has elevated both to world renown. At the core of this relationship is a joint commitment to the shared values that make Boulder special.

Aaron Brockett: CU South offers benefits for Boulder

You may have heard that the city is considering annexing the University of Colorado Boulder property called CU South this summer. The City Council is frequently asked why we’re undertaking this project, and what makes it time-sensitive? The answer is simple — the primary reason for the annexation is flood protection for Boulder residents.

CU Boulder to host July 15 briefing on CU Boulder South

Following the release of a draft annexation agreement, CU Boulder will host a virtual briefing at 4 p.m. on Thursday, July 15, inviting faculty, staff, students and community members to join the discussion and learn more.