The University of Colorado Boulder has been listening closely to the community – to citizens, elected officials and members of boards and commissions – as the discussion around its CU Boulder South property has unfolded over the past two-plus years. We engaged in conversations that led to the adoption of the 2015 Boulder Valley Comprehensive Plan (BVCP) and included changes to the land-use designations on the property in anticipation of future annexation. We also actively collaborated with the city and Boulder County on the development of the Guiding Principles that will apply to any future development on the property and supported their inclusion in the 2015 BVCP. In addition, we have continued to make university administration available to council and staff as they have proceeded with their work over the intervening time.

Now, as Boulder City Council prepares to select a flood mitigation plan for implementation on a portion of CU Boulder South property, CU Boulder recognizes how important it is that council have an understanding of what the university brings to the table, as well as what our requirements for future annexation will be. On Oct. 1, 2018, the university sent a letter to council with a full accounting of the benefits the university is committed to providing to the Boulder community related to flood mitigation on our south Boulder property, as well as additional benefits related to other community priorities. Also included in the letter are the university’s requirements for the successful annexation of the property into the city.

Additional information about CU Boulder South may be found on the city’s website.

Oct. 1, 2018 letter to City Council   Frequently Asked Questions