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We have posted results from our May 2017 survey that sought community feedback about the CU Boulder South draft concept plan.


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CU Boulder has been listening closely to the community – to citizens, elected officials and members of boards and commissions – as the Boulder Valley Comprehensive Plan (BVCP) discussion around the CU Boulder South property has unfolded over the past year. The university is about to begin its regular 10-year planning review for the campus, which will more specifically inform the university and general community of what may be developed on the CU Boulder South property. Culmination of that plan will take several years of effort. However, we have heard clearly that more detail about what might be placed there is a top priority for elected officials and the community. To respond to that priority, we have developed some initial concepts on how CU Boulder envisions the potential use of our property.

This website provides a concept plan that outlines our assumptions and provides a related concept map to share our best estimates of how we would use CU Boulder South to meet CU Boulder’s future needs while simultaneously working to accommodate the community’s desires. Please take some time to look around the site at the various resources posted here.

As we’ve gathered feedback about CU Boulder South through meetings with public officials and residents, as well as through a community-wide online survey conducted in May, we have been able to incorporate many of the themes from those conversations with the university’s goals and feel they are compatible with our mutual values. These include:

  • Flood mitigation

  • Workforce, faculty and non-freshman housing

  • Protection and enhancement of natural habitat

  • Areas for open space

  • A robust trail system, including a connection between U.S. 36 and the South Boulder Creek Trail

  • Continued public access

  • Recreation fields for shared community use

  • Extensive use of alternative transportation and multimodal mobility

  • Sustainability and resiliency

An approval of the BVCP with a changed land-use designation for CU Boulder South would allow annexation discussions between the university and the city to occur. Even with an approval of the BVCP and an annexation agreement in place, the sites designated for development at CU Boulder South will take many years to complete. The university will remain focused in the near term on developing the Main and East campuses, but a finalized annexation agreement would help inform CU Boulder’s own visioning process as the university embarks on updating its campus master plan.

Additional information about CU Boulder South may be found on the city’s website:

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