Calling All Satellite Scientists!

Interested in joining the CubeQuest Team next semester? You're in luck! The CU-E3 team is very interested to see how you might contribute to the success of our mission.

To get started, you can email either Benjamin Fried at, Charles Musgrave at or John Sobtzak  or drop us a line on our "Contact Us" page.

Students are encouraged to enroll next semester in the ASEN 5018-016, Graduate Projects I with Dr. Scott Palo's and Marcin Pilinski's CubeSat missions section, but you can also get involved through independent study or volunteer opportunities! You don't have to be an aerospace engineering student to participate and get school credit for your work.



ASEN 5018: Graduate CubeSat Design Opportunities

Info Session/Info Table

  • We will have a table set up in the engineering center lobby: Tuesday, 29 Aug from 11AM-4PM
  • Info session
    • Date: 30 August 2017
    • Location: DLC Betchel Collab 1B60
    • Free pizza!

The University of Colorado Boulder is competing in the NASA CubeQuest Challenge

  • $4,500,000 prize pool for designing and sending a cube-satellite, or CubeSat, to the moon and beyond
  • Our team just won over $80,000 in a series of design reviews
  • SUMMER 2017 UPDATE: We have earned a spot on NASA's SLS EM-1 mission (Launch date: ~2019)

We are building another CubeSat

  • MAXWELL is a new project at the cutting edge of high-rate CubeSat communications

We are looking for graduate students with interest in or experience in:

  • RF communication
  • Digital communication
  • Electrical design
  • Mechanical design/Machining
  • Software development
  • Attitude determination and control
  • Orbital mechanics/mission design/trajectory
  • Fundraising, crowdfunding, social media

Class Information

  • Fall 2017 Graduate Class (3 cr), Aero Dept ASEN 5018, section 16
    • Wednesday and Thursday team/lab time (Lockheed Martin Rm 1B16): 1-3pm.  
    • Wed night project management/guest lecture (Fleming Engineering 154): 5-6PM
  • Options for class credit, independent study, volunteering, and more
  • New members take ASEN 5018 (sec 16), second semester team members take ASEN 6028 (Sec 16)
  • Professor: Marcin Pilinski (
  • Principal Investigator : Dr. Scott Palo (

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