The Collection Committee is charged with reviewing and approving acquisitions and deaccessions to the museum’s collection. These decisions shape the collection and lay the groundwork for future growth. The Collection Committee abides by the Collection Policy and its decisions support the collecting goals of the museum. The Collection Committee is responsible for reviewing all acquisition and deaccession proposals submitted by the director and/or the museum’s curator of collections and exhibitions (curator). The Collection Committee meets four times per academic year. The director appoints a chair of the Collection Committee, who serves a two-year term renewable once. The director shall serve as an ex-officio member of the Collection Committee and will cast only tie-breaking votes. The curator and the museum’s collection manager/registrar shall serve as nonvoting ex-officio members of the committee.

The Collection Committee will comprise no fewer than eight and no more than 12 voting members, exclusive of the chair and ex-officio members. The Collection Committee should include two to three faculty members with expertise in an area of museum collecting, a representative of another collection on campus, and at least one graduate student, as well as representatives of the community constituency served by the museum. Members serve two-year terms with an option for reappointment.

Please contact Sandra Firmin with inquiries.