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October 22nd 2021 - 10am-4pm EDT


in conjunction with the 54th IEEE/ACM International Symposium on Microarchitecture (MICRO-54)

Workshop News:

  • If you are planning on attending the workshop you will receive a fun surprise in the mail (products by Snack Magic and Swag Magic). Click here to claim. 
  • Help us get the panel discussion started by proposing some questions/topics anonimously to be discussed here:
  • We are offering a limited number of MICRO conference registration grants for workshop participants. Please submit your registration grant application through this form before the early registration deadline of MICRO, October 17th 2021. 
  • We have extended the poster submission deadline to September 27th 2021 to give you enough time to submite your best work! For instructions on how to submit your absttract check out the Poster site. Accepted posters will have the presenter's MICRO conference registration fee covered. 
  • We have an exciting event planned for this year. The program has been published, check it out here.
  • The workshop will have several live sessions between 10am-4pm EDT on Friday October 22nd. 


The MICRO Career Workshop brings together diverse members of the Computer Architecture community at different levels in academia, industry, research, government and students to promote the recruitment, retention and progression of women and under-represented groups with research interests in computer architecture. The workshop is the longest running diversity focused workshop in the computer architecture community.

The workshop highlights emerging and hot topics in computer architecture, but also provides opportunities for career mentoring advice, cross-disciplinary research, networking and finding internships and career opportunities in computer architecture. The workshop contains a mix of technical presentations and career-focused presentations, followed by panel sessions from academic and industry leaders, student posters and presentations, and informal activities to provide mentoring and guidance specifically designed to assist students of this important constituency as they get started in their careers. 

The workshop includes a student research poster session, career panels, advice on careers in academia, industry research, government, or deciding to start your own company, and a speed mentoring session. Keynotes and invited talks will cover the latest research trends in computer architecture. The workshop provides a forum to tackle controversial contemporary topics that students might not have an opportunity to discuss otherwise, such as racial injustice, mental health, handling pandemics challenges, and getting help.

Poster Authors and Organizers

Photo Courtesy of Professor Joel Emer.

Photo taken pre-covid times, during 2019 in Columbus, OH, when conferences were held in person.