We live in an information age where various manipulations of data, such as compression, encryption, storage, and communication, on the one hand, and machine learning, that involves the extraction of information from data for classification, prediction, knowledge-discovery etc., on the other, are increasingly playing a central role. For instance, if you ask your phone a question the voice data is compressed and wirelessly communicated through a network to the cloud, where it is decoded and its meaning is inferred, and the relevant answer(s) are found using machine learning and network science. 

Our group’s research helps lay the foundation for the above. Our curriculum prepares students for a career in modern communications, signal processing, and machine learning. Our past students have gone on to academic careers as professors and joined diverse companies at the vanguard in communications and data science research and development such as Qualcomm, Samsung, Google, Broadcom, BMW, and Merrill Lynch.