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Maria Kuntz headshotIn 2020 the U.S. saw record wildfires and hurricanes. NASA reported it as one of the hottest years in recorded history.

As a public research institution, CU is called to address global challenges. The Coloradan aims to examine and celebrate how the university is influencing the world and shaping a better future.

To align with this vision, each issue moving forward will feature stories that examine a topic affecting our world and highlight how CU is creating impact through its collective work and research.

This spring, the topic is climate change.

To further engage readers, the new Coloradan Conversations series will expand on the magazine topics, gathering thought leaders to discuss the most pressing issues of our day.

If the topic and the stories pique your interest, join the next Coloradan Conversation for a larger climate change dialogue with other readers. For more information, visit:

— Maria Kuntz

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