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Image of iPhone home screenStefanie K. Johnson is an associate professor at Leeds and director of the CU Boulder Center for Leadership. She is an expert on leadership, inclusion and mitigating bias in the workplace. Her book Inclusify, released by HarperCollins in June, hit the Wall Street Journal National Bestseller List in its first week on the market. 

iPhone Insights

Model: iPhone XS with a credit card case
Most-Used Apps: Outlook Email, Text Messages, Find my iPhone 
Most-Used Emoji: (awkward-stressed face) 

How soon after waking up do you look at your phone? 

It’s usually the first thing I look at after hugging the kids, feeding my cats breakfast and drinking a glass of water.

Last person you called: 

One of my former PhD students, now a University of Memphis professor, to talk about a study we are doing on whether sexual harassment exists in the time of COVID. Spoiler — it does.

Duration of longest call last week:

An hour.

Location of last selfie: 

My kids’ playroom at home. My son Kyle and I dressed up as pirates and took photos of ourselves. Apparently pirate is not a good look for me.

What’s the main thing you use your phone for? 

Mostly email. If I kept my email open while I worked, I would do nothing but email. So, I try to do it on my phone when I am taking a break or done with work for the day.

Lock screen or background image?

A picture of my kids and I on the beach last January in Cozumel, Mexico.

How many hours were you on your phone last week? 

One hour and 46 minutes per day.