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D'Andra Mull phoneA Love for Student Work 

Since June, D’Andra Mull has served as CU Boulder’s vice chancellor for student affairs. In her role, she leads a division focused on student support and growth beyond the classroom. “Every day I get to wake up and love to do the work that I do,” she said. 

How soon after waking up do you look at your phone? 


App you wish you had the inner strength to delete?


Last person you called?

My best friend. 

Duration of longest call last week?

57 minutes. 

Location and description of last selfie?

Times Square, New York City — after a meeting with parents of our incredible Buffs. 

Does anyone else have your passcode?

Yes! My best friend. 

Oldest photo on your phone?

I had to look back a bit for this one. It is from Nov. 13, 2013. I was in Rio de Janeiro, Brazil. 

What is your lock screen or background image?

My lovely six-month-old daughter, Gigi. 

What do you use your phone for most?

Emails, texting and FaceTiming my daughter!

Three of your most used apps:




Most-used emoji:

Laughing-crying emoji