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Boulder has been known for its unique nightlife for decades. It’s a major part of the local economy, and creatives and businesspeople alike often partner to make enjoyable experiences for Boulderites and visitors. 

  1. License No. 1 A speakeasy underneath the Boulderado hotel. Located at 13th St. and Spruce St. 
  2. World Famous Dark Horse Good food, great decorations. Off of Baseline Rd. and 30th St. 

  3. Velvet Elk Lounge Live music venue with mainly jazz and blues performers. Located at 13th St. and Spruce St. 

  4. Rosetta Dining Hall Assortment of food with a rooftop bar; also is a club at night. Located off of Broadway St. and Lawry Ln. 

  5. The Sundown Saloon (also known as The Downer) Classic dive bar, free pool on Tuesdays. Also found off of Broadway St. and Lawry Ln. 

  6. Jungle Fun drinks served in even more fun cups. On 10th St. and Pearl St. 

  7.  Pearl Street Pub and Cellar Boulder classic with good food (try the corn dogs). Located on Broadway St. and Lawry Ln.

  8. Gemini Wine bar with tapas. On 11th St. and Pearl St. 

  9. The Bitter Bar Extensive cocktail list. Located off of 8th St. and Walnut St. 

  10. The Attic Bar and Bistro Home of the Fat Albert (Gatorade and vodka). Located on11th St. and Walnut St.