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Sonia DeLuca Fernández supports institutional change in DEI at CU Boulder. While launching this crucial role, she maintains a warm and humorous demeanor: “I have the best boss [Chancellor DiStefano] and best colleagues in the world,” she said. “Also, I snack all day long and can be bribed.”

A phone displaying Sonia DeLuca FernandezHow soon after waking up do you look at your phone? 

Seconds — there are alarms to futz with! Since I have a horrible sense of time, I need an alarm to go off at least every 30 minutes. Not to wake me up, but to help me keep track of time. And, because I go to bed so early (around 9 p.m.), there are usually texts I need to reply to first thing (around 4:15 a.m.).

App you wish you had the inner strength to delete? 

All of the random, one-off store and hotel apps. 

Last person you called?

My favorite young-adult-person: my nephew, Josh.

Duration of longest call last week? 

75 minutes with my best friend in St. Paul.

Location and description of last selfie? 

Denver. I got to have lunch with a friend who was in town from Pennsylvania. 

Does anyone else have your passcode? 

Hell nah.

Oldest photo on your phone? 

Dec. 9, 2015, of my cat, Dora. 

What is your lock screen or background image? 

The same weirdo, Dora. 

What do you use your phone for most? 

Podcasts and work. I’m listening to podcasts while in the car, on the treadmill and doing house chores. My favorites right now include Ear Hustle and Buried Bones. But I also take too many pictures of my cats, Dora and Diego.

Three most-used apps:

Outlook appPodcasts appMessages app




Outlook, Podcasts, Messages

Most-used emoji:

Hugging emoji




The hug emoji