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Want to run like the Buffaloes? I interviewed my fellow CU Boulder Running Club members to find out about their favorite Boulder trails. 

Betasso Preserve

Betasso Preserve

  1. Betasso Preserve 

Starting with my personal favorite, Betasso Preserve has two loops that can be combined into a perfect eight-mile run. A serene winding trail through shaded woods, interspaced with steeper sections ascending to stunning foothill views, the Canyon Loop and Benjamin Trail Loop will satisfy any trail runner's heart. Consider visiting on a Wednesday or Saturday when mountain bikers are not permitted.

  1. Mesa Trail 

“I like the Mesa Trail because you can hop on at many points in town as it runs seven miles east-west along the base of the Flatirons and Bear Peak. It’s also less steep than many of the other trail runs in Boulder which makes it more approachable.” — Katelyn Singh (CompSci’22)

  1. Doudy Draw 

“Nice and fairly wide trails in South Boulder that give runners a steady climb toward Eldorado Canyon State Park. There are plenty of different routes to take so the distance is up to each runner. Very good views while in the canyon — bonus if going at sunset to see the canyon lit up in golden light.” — Michael Miller (AeroEngr’23)

  1. Shanahan Ridge Trail

“My favorite thing to do is connecting the Shanahan Ridge Trail with the Mesa Trail and Lower Big Bluestem Trail to make a big loop. You’ll run through open forest, over twisting streams and down a beautiful meadow teeming with wildflowers!” — Theodore Johnson Mencimer (EnvDes’23)

  1. Tenderfoot Trail

"Tenderfoot is a newly reconstructed trail that is connected to Flagstaff Road, the Ute Trail and Chapman Drive. It has very healthy Douglas fir trees and views of Arapahoe National Forest and Indian Peaks." — Natalie Hyde (Bio’23)

  1. Bobolink Trail

“Since I run mostly before classes in the morning, I have to run on trails easily accessible from right within the city. I like Bobolink for long runs because of its flat dirt trails, Flatiron views and — my favorite — frequent cow sightings.” — Mary Miller (EnvDes’25)

  1. Teller Farms

“It’s a nice dirt and gravel trail with great views of the mountains. Frequent dog sightings combined with minimal altitude gain make it a perfect trail for recovery days.” — Hannah Teed (EnvEngr’22)

  1. Lion’s Lair Spur Trail

“It’s a gradual incline and the trail is very easy to run making it the perfect workout. Getting to the summit is so satisfying and you are rewarded with a great view of Boulder from the top of Mount Sanitas” — Abigail White (Mktg’22)

  1. Skunk Canyon 

“A cool route behind Chautauqua that has some fun inclines and plenty of branching paths to explore. It also connects to the Woods Quarry Loop Trail that has some couches made of rock placed to overlook a really nice view.” — Jacob Lawrence (MechEngr’22)

  1. Long Canyon: “The Secret Way Up Green Mountain”

“Connecting Realization Point with Green Mountain West Ridge, this quiet narrow trail has shallow grades for a peaceful run beneath the thick tree canopy. And keep a look out for the wild turkey which can often be seen from the trail!” — Chris Wyburn-Powell (MAtmos’22)

Photo by Chris Wyburn-Powell