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Coloradan List of 10

As CU Boulder students complete their course selections for the upcoming fall semester, here are a few interesting classes offered:

  1. Disney’s Women and Girls (WGST 3250)
  2. Energy Cultures: Oil, Coal and Atoms in Modern Literature and Film (HUMN 2311)
  3. Dancing Histories: Sex, Gender and Race in U.S. Concert Dance (DNCE 4017)
  4. Fleeting and Found 1: Ephemeral Sculpture 1 (ARTS 2384)
  5. Mountain Meteorology (ATOC 4550)
  6. American Comics and Graphic Novels: An Ambivalent Art (ENGL 2006)
  7. The Search for Life in the Universe (ASTR 2040)
  8. Alfred Hitchcock: The American Films (CINE 3004)
  9. Fictions of Illness: Modern Medicine and the Literary Imagination (HUMN 3200)
  10. TV and Family in American Culture and Society (MDST 4361)

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