Published: April 30, 2020

Josh NeyJosh Ney (Fin, Mgmt'20) was born and raised in the small mountain town of Coal Creek Canyon, Colorado. During his freshman year at CU Boulder, Josh joined the Herd Leadership Council. He since has held multiple leadership positions on the council, including business relations chair and executive advisor. Josh also has served as president of CU's student government, executive board member of Leeds' student government and chair of the Council of Colleges and Schools, to name a few.

Josh helped execute The Herd's migration to a dues-free organization and played a critical role in the expansion of the Leadership Council from 11 to 23 student leaders. At student Alumni Association events, he was the first to show up (always wearing a Herd shirt), and the first to crack a joke when things became too serious.

We sat down with Josh over Zoom to hear more about his time at CU and what is next for him.

What are some highlights from your CU experience?

I have been very fortunate to have had many opportunities and have learned a ton from my experiences. Leading the legislative branch of student government was an incredible leadership experience and I learned so much about how organizations work, conflict resolution and representation. Another highlight was on the Herd Leadership Council — I was able to establish connections between the Alumni Association and local Boulder businesses by working directly with companies to create partnerships that would benefit students. A final highlight is serving as a Leeds Ambassador to share my experiences with incoming students and show them why CU is a great place to go to college.

You gained a great depth of knowledge about this institution’s inner workings. Do you have any points of reflection to share about CU Boulder? 

Having the privilege of meeting many university staff, administrators and faculty, one thing I always enjoyed is how much they all care for students. Each has a role to play at the university, but the core value driving these people is the students. The school also has so many resources for students, ranging from personal well-being to a vast wealth of knowledge students can dive into. It is quite amazing to have been able to take advantage of these resources while I have been here, and I wish I had more time as there are a ton more things I never had the chance to do.

What makes you the most excited about being a Class of 2020 Buff?

Being a Class of 2020 Buff is definitely a special thing and I am excited to join a network of hundreds of thousands of people who have gone through the same university, yet have had completely unique experiences. Despite the current circumstances and disappointment of not being able to walk with my fellow graduates, I am looking forward to life beyond this pandemic. It will be an odd time to transition between phases in our lives, but I know we will make it through and come out stronger on the other side.

What’s next for you after leaving CU Boulder?

After graduating, I plan to spend the summer hiking and backpacking and aspire to finish all of Colorado’s majestic fourteeners. Come August, I am extremely excited to start my career as a financial analyst at a large aerospace company, and am extremely grateful to CU for preparing me with all I need to begin the next phase of my life there.

What are two interesting things we should know about you? 

I am an avid lover of the outdoors and my passions revolve around hiking, snowboarding, climbing and just enjoying nature. I really enjoy college as it provides a platform for me to learn and I hope to continue learning as long as I live.