Cafe Aion Sign
Dot's Diner on the Hill
Cosmo's Pizza sign
Taco Junky Wooden Sign
Santiago's Burritos Sign
Innisfree Coffee and Poetry
Bova's Sign
The Sink sign
Half-Fast Subs street sign
The Corner on The Hill
Starbucks on The Hill
Published: Feb. 1, 2020

Look: Eateries 

The restaurant lineup on The Hill changes nearly as fast as the Colorado seasons. While several well-known chains have come and gone in recent years (Qdoba, Five Guys, Del Taco), many Boulder icons (The Sink) and newer staples (The Corner) serve on. Whether it’s a Cosmo’s cheese slice dunked in spicy ranch, a Half Fast Godfather sub or the early-bird breakfast at Dot’s Diner, the grub on The Hill plays a part in many CU stories. What was your Hill go-to? Write us at


Photos by Matt Tyrie