Published: Feb. 1, 2020 By

Christie SounartDo you remember your first CU Boulder snowfall? 

Perhaps you collapsed into a snow angel on the business lawn or lobbed a snowball across Farrand Field. 

I remember admiring the Flatirons from Norlin Quad my freshman year, mesmerized by the way the snow looked like frosting spread across the rock faces.

For my CU-transfer husband, Levi Henry (Math’12), his first snow was less than serene: Confined to a bus creeping along an icy U.S. 36, he was late for his first-ever class. 

But, perhaps, we all can recall racing to our window after a storm to see if — maybe — the school would call a snow day. 

As our infographic shows on page 33, campus snow removal is huge work. More than 100 people can be involved, sometimes beginning at 2 a.m.

It’s an effort I’m grateful for as I walk through campus this especially snowy winter. And more than 11 years later, I still sneak a peek at the Flatirons. Their frosty allure remains. 

Christie Sounart (Jour’12)