Homes on the Hill

In October 1884, not quite a decade after the University of Colorado’s founding, eight women established a Boulder chapter of the Pi Beta Phi women’s society. It was the dawn of Greek life for women at CU. Today, about 3,300 students are involved in CU Boulder’s 19 active sororities. Ten have houses on or near The Hill, each with about 60 to 80 resident members. Can you identify any of the sorority houses from these photographs of architectural details? Write us with your best guesses, or simply a fond memory, at Or check your answers with the key below.

Alpha Chi  Alpha Chi  Delta Gamma  Alpha Delta  Pi Beta Phi  Delta Gamma 

 Chi Omega  Kappa Alpha Theta  Kappa Kappa  Alpha Chi  Alpha Delta  Delta Gamma

Photos by Casey Cass and Patrick Campbell

Top row, left to right: Alpha Chi, Alpha Chi, Delta Gamma, Alpha Delta Chi, Pi Beta Phi, Delta Gamma
Bottom row, left to right: Chi Omega, Kappa Alpha Theta, Kappa Kappa Gamma, Alpha Chi, Alpha Delta Chi, Delta Gamma

Print issue key
Left column, top to bottom: Chi Omega, Pi Beta Phi, Delta Gamma
Right column, top to bottom: Alpha Delta Chi, Kappa Alpha Theta, Alpha Chi