Updated photo of Koenig Alumni Center

Name: Koenig Alumni Center

Year Built: 1884

Architect: Ernest Varian

Today: Houses the University of Colorado’s Alumni Association

Once Upon a Time: CU presidents lived here until 1968, when a gift from Samuel Koenig (Engr’1913) made it possible for the purchase of an off-campus home, and for improvements to be made to the building. Now the Koenig Alumni Center, it accommodates the needs of the Alumni Association.The Koenig Alumni Center was the President’s house until 1962 and became the Alumni Center in 1968. 

Did You Know: Joseph A. Sewall (1877-1887), CU's first president, and his family were the first to live in what is now the Koenig Alumni Center. Too heavy to remove, the building still has four clawfoot tubs inside.

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Information and historic photos courtesy of CU Heritage Center.