Published: June 1, 2018 By

eric gershonIn Boulder this spring there was fresh talk of bears: Observers noted their curiosity about life east of Broadway, prompting questions about how to ensure harmony among their species and ours. Perhaps, some say, bear-safe trash cans, required west of Broadway, would be wise east of it, too.

As far as anyone noticed, bears kept out of CU’s campus trees this year. But animal life abounds here, refreshingly so. Come spring, ducks court in the pond atop the water cascade by the Woodruff Cottage. Migrating geese squawk on the sward. American robins banter in the morning.

One April afternoon I spied 10 bunched turtles sunning on a single log in Varsity Lake. The turtles will lounge in the lake all summer and fall.

CU Boulder’s cherished proximity to natural grandeur is more than a matter of adjacency; we nourish wildlife here. Wandering campus aimless but alert, your cup could runneth over.

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