Published: March 1, 2018 By

Eric Gershon

Eric Gershon

There was a time when I lived a few blocks down the street from an art museum with no entrance fee. When I was out and about running errands, I’d sometimes pop in to see my favorite painting, Van Gogh’s “Night Café.” I’d go straight to it, imagine the inner lives of its figures, picture myself in the scene, marvel over the thickness of the paint and brushstrokes — evidence of Van Gogh’s own hand.

The whole visit would last five minutes.

Then I’d be on my way, pleasantly jolted by a brief encounter with genius.

In Boulder, the CU Art Museum’s increasingly rich collection offers its own delightful opportunities for communing with artistic splendor. Thanks to the pending arrival of the Sharkive (page 15), visitors — you, perhaps? — will be able to behold work by legends of printmaking, including Red Grooms, John Buck and Betty Woodman.

Stopping by could make your day.

Admission’s free.